Up to Me  - M. Leighton

Based on my experience with the first book, Down to You, I should not have started Up to Me at 1030pm, but I was so excited to take a ride on the Cash/Nash-Olivia rollercoaster that I couldnt resist. It was fast-paced, sexy, suspenseful with a plot twist that had my mouth hanging open. The heroine, Olivia really and truly got on my nerves at points but the 'bad boys' are so hot that I could overlook her waffling and whining. Olivia does come around, so she's forgiven. The conflict with the Russian mob still isn't resolved so there's another cliffhanger ending but this was a seriously good book!! I couldnt put it down until the very last page; then I was so sad that it was over, I almost wanted to start reading it again from the beginning. I'm very intrigued to see how things work with Marissa in the next book.