Love Script: Deluxe Edition - Tiffany Ashley

The set up

Nick, our hero, is a notorious womanizer. He makes no bones about how women are good for eye-candy and to fulfill his sexual needs. He's dating numerous women, 2 of which he's sleeping with one point both in the same night. Gasp! He's the last man looking to be married, but he lies and tells a prospective client that he's married and planning a romantic anniversary trip. Nick is in a real pickle when it seems that none of the women he's seeing prove to be a suitable candidate to play his wife for 2 weeks while on the cruise.


Laney, our heroine, just found her boyfriend of 3 years (with whom she was supposed to go on a romantic Caribbean cruise with) having sex with another woman so she's heart-broken and determined to go on the cruise alone to regroup and nurse her emotional wounds. While boarding the cruise ship these two meet and Nick's prayers are answered as Laney is perfect for the job of helping him lure the new client.

To sweeten the deal for Laney, Nick offers Laney a promotion in return for her playing along, so I can understand (sorta) why Laney ultimately agrees to help Nick. 

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My take
First off, I love a sexy alpha man in my romance novels. Nick is all that and a bag of chips, but he comes off as a jerk too. Laney comes off as a bit of a push-over, a little naive, a bit whiny, at times a bit of prude, and at times someone who can't think straight over her raging hormones. I wouldn't put her in the land of the TSTL heroines, but I like more of a backbone on a heroine.


There was lots of palpable chemistry right from the time Nick & Laney meet until the very last word. Approximately 3/4 of the book is set on the cruise ship with Nick and Laney as pretend newlyweds. There are some semi-tender moments, but mostly there is a lot of heated arguing when Nick and Laney aren't playing nice for Nick's client hopeful. Both fight their attraction to one another at first...Laney more so than Nick obviously because he's always ready & willing to take a beautiful woman to bed! Once Laney gives in to Nick's advances -- break out the oven mitts...things get HOT HOT HOT!! Then Mr. Jerk aka Nick gets a lil' bit shook by his budding feelings and things fall apart. 


Things get real serious from there! Once the cruise is over, Laney goes her way and Nick goes his. Unfortunately, Laney has fallen in love and is hurting from Nick's callous treatment. Honestly, I had trouble understanding how Laney fell in love with Nick. I would have been OK if the plot took a left turn and she ended up with Nick's rival who seemed like a much better choice. There were no doubts that Laney was 'in lust'...But I wasn't feeling a LOVE match being made between the angry arguments and urgent smexing moments.

The love definitely wasn't clear when Nick goes on the prowl after a particularly bad fight with Laney and gets oral sex from some random chick he meets. Just ewww...

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That was my major issue with this book...The lust jumps off the page whereas that "these two belong together" vibe was missing for me. I'm all for a hero being brought to his knees by loving his heroine, but here I felt more like Nick just didn't like not getting his way, more than truly being in love with Laney. Then WHAM BAM, Nick comes to his senses and they run off into the proverbial sunset together. The ending is sweet as all get out, but it felt rushed based on this hero's aforementioned antics.


Overall, Love Script was well-written and the story flowed well, except for the somewhat rushed ending. The secondary characters complemented the story well without getting in the way of the main characters, Laney and Nick. My distaste for certain aspects of this storyline were not grave enough to prevent me from reading more by Tiffany Ashley in the future.