Gio - Elizabeth Reyes
We met Gio in Noah (5th Street #1); he's a fellow fighter at the 5th street gym and best friend to Noah. Gino needs some time away from fighting to get his head back on straight after his last fight. He decides to go into the mountains for a few months to help his friend, Felix train for his next fight. He doesn't plan on Bianca, Felix's girlfriend, whom he had a crush on in high school. Felix is away quite a bit promoting his fight which leaves Gio and Bianca alone to entertain each other. Gio and Bianca's feelings for each other are apparent early on and continue to grow but they try their best to fight them since neither wants to betray Felix. Of course, they eventually succumb to their intense feelings. Felix finds out and things get ugly between the three in this triangle and with others in their tight-knit group. 
The cheating trope isnt my favorite but this was realistically portrayed and even though Bianca and Gio are being very very bad, you still root for them. 
I was also happy to get an update on Roni and Noah and the others at 5th Street.