Rock Star (Indigo Love Spectrum Romance) - Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

I enjoyed the overall story but had some issues with the high-handedness of the racial themes. On one hand, I appreciate interracial romances that don't sweep race away like every thing is always hunky-dory and sunshiny when a couple of mixed race gets together when it's not, especially in this setting. But the whole "white man's whore" thing just kept coming up repeatedly to beat me over the head. Although most of the story is set in a small Alabama town where that attitude might be very prevalent, it was too much for my liking. There are many other conflicts which this relationship faces, so I would have appreciated it if the author had explored those more; rather than make race the primary source of tension in the story.


My other issue with the story was the heroine, Callie. At the beginning Callie is presented to us as an educated, strong, independent, young businesswoman.  At times, I found Callie to be juvenile, indecisive about what she wanted and too easily swayed by others' opinions about her life choices. That just didn't jive with her other more positive traits for me.


Bryan, although troubled and broken, is an absolute dream hero. Loving, patient and almost too perfect in his love for Callie. There were a few instances when I wanted him to not be so understanding when Callie was acting like such a child.  


My absolute favorite supporting character was Tonya - every girl like Callie needs a tell-it-like-it-is friend like her. I can't wait to read her book.