Wicked Burn - Beth Kery

Vic saves his neighbor, Niall, from the advances of a too-amorous suitor in the hallway of their apartment building, then invites her into his place for a drink to calm down.  Nothing is calm about what happens next in Vic's apartment.  They both decide to chalk it up to a one-night stand until fate brings them together again.


From the first scene, the chemistry between the hero and heroine was scorching hot but for a good portion of the book, it's all sex, sex, sex and little story. I love a book that brings the heat, but I like a good plot/story to go along with the heat too.  Here, in between the smexing, there was just enough revealed to know that both the hero/ine have troubled pasts. Soon, we learn that Vic is bitter over a broken heart. Niall's more tragic and complicated back story is unveiled in dribs and drabs without telling the reader the whole story. This made for a book I couldn't put down until I finished.


From 60% thru the end, the story slows down considerably and we learn everything about Niall's past and the hero/ine have to work beyond the physical to get to their HEA. What I thought would be a just a sexy romp ended up being quite an emotional and touching story. I would have enjoyed an epilogue to wrap up the story's end though.