Daisy's Choice - Sienna Mynx

This book and its predecessor, Aiden's Game were two of the most emotionally draining books I've read in a long long time.


This one is marginally better than the 1st book - less copyediting issues and I did enjoy the addition of the supporting characters. Though, being twice as long, the emotional twists and turns were increased 10-fold compared to AG! It had me wanting to throw my e-reader across the room at points. Ultimately, I didnt grow to like Daisy or Aiden any more in this one than AG. There were points where I thought, "great, this character has grown and I like/understand her" then within a few pages he/she was no different than the person we met previously.


had to suspend belief little that after the bad history between the Aiden and Daisy, they could fall in love and live happy ever after but somehow it made sense for Daisy's arc. Of course, the epilogue of this book makes me run to find book 3!