Nerds Are Freaks Too - Koko Brown

Here we have Leo and Roxanne who have been friends since freshman year in college...over 10 years. Leo has been carrying a torch for Roxie that whole time and everyone seems to be aware of it except Roxie!

Leo hides his feelings and his hotness under a bushel apparently and all Roxie sees is her 'nerdy' best friend. Sounds like this is right up my alley! Unfortunately, there was something missing for me in the execution. Perhaps I just needed the book to be a bit longer to flesh out the storyline more.

The definition of 'nerd':

A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.

I guess Leo fits the latter definition of nerd, because nothing about his description fits the former. 

Roxie's "nerdy" best friend is tall, dark and very handsome -- not only is he a champion boxer, he's 6'-plus and built like a Greek god (pun intended)! Also, Leo is a closet freak...ahem...dominant, if you will. And why didn't Roxie know that her best friend's middle name was Constantine???

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By way of Leo's physical description and the dialogue, there is NO missing that Leo is one hot, sexy dude. And he seems to have no problems with the ladies or lack social skills in general. Wouldn't Roxie know or at least have an inkling of these things after knowing him 10+ years? I guess we've already established that Roxie is a clueless wonder.


OK, I eventually took these things at face value and just went along for the ride. The story gets really good when Roxie decides to join an online dating service and Leo signs up too but under an alias.  Leo comes clean about his feelings, but doesn't tell Roxie that he's the guy she's been talking to online. Things started moving a little too fast for my liking at this point; therefore, the story felt a tad disjointed. Leo confesses his feelings and Roxie still wants to remain just friends, but I was very confused by some of her actions.

Namely, when she asks him to spank her and then dry humps the poor guy because she's turned on by the spanking. Very friendly, indeed! 

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Overall, the main issue I had with this novella is that it was obvious that Leo was in love but I never felt like Roxie returned Leo's feelings completely. There's no doubt Roxie loved Leo as a friend and confidante. Although Roxie's lust for Leo grows, we don't get to see the evolution of her feelings to the "in love" stage. Just one day she has an a-ha moment which made the ending seem rushed for me. It was hot and sexy read, but needed a few more chapters, IMO.