I've been in a book slump for weeks. WEEKS, I tell ya!!  I thought I had gotten out of it with one book, but then I fell back into this terrible vortex with my next 3-4 reads. I just can't seem to find a book that doesn't annoy me...is it too much to ask for a contemporary romance novel without immature, senseless drama, TSTL heroines and/or an unrealistic plot? 

I need something that'll blow my hair back...knock I my socks off and give me a book hangover to end all hangovers when it ends. I'm talking about the book that made it to your 'BEST OF EVERYTHING' list! 


HELP ME end the year on a high note - book-wise, that is. My only request is that your recommendation be of contemporary setting/themes. Historical romance, paranormal, and dystopian just aren't my cuppa.