Reaper's Legacy  - Joanna Wylde

Like so many of my bookie friends I jumped on the MC-themed bandwagon and read Reaper's Property last year.  As with other MC books I read prior, I was just not here for the alpha-hole hero who intimidates his heroine into being with him while she misguidedly (that might not be a real word, but whateva!) falls in love with him because of his big dick and sexual prowess with said big dick, not because of the way he treats her outside the bedroom or wherever he's pummeling her senseless with got it, big dick.  


I had said before that I'd likely not continue this series but I did download this anyway. I'm sometimes known to do things that don't make any sense, to even me...

Reaper's Legacy was actually much better than I expected.  MUCH. BETTER.  I liked Ruger a lot more than Horse. Horse made me uncomfortable with his big dick and I'll have you anywhere, anytime I please attitude. I'm still not a big fan of the sexist alpha hero who is always using his imposing size to push the heroine up against a wall or down on a bed to screw her senseless to get what he wants or tell her how things are going to go.  Ruger did this some but he wasn't the worst of them. Ruger was actually quite in touch with his feelings and had a tenderness to him that I liked even though he was a crude asshole sometimes too. You see that tenderness toward Sophie but particularly toward Sophie's son, Ruger's nephew, Noah.  The big, bad alpha-hole is nowhere to be found in the scenes with Noah, who Ruger loves and claims as his own, even though Noah's father is Ruger's deadbeat stepbrother.


What actually made me like this book was that the heroine, Sophie wasn't a TSTL ninny like so many in this subgenre.  I actually liked Sophie (I don't get to say that a lot in romance novels)! Sophie wasn't a pushover.  She had issues with Ruger's MC lifestyle and his man-whore ways which she was always open and honest with him about. She was willing to walk away from him if he wasn't willing to make changes despite her feels for him.  She wanted Ruger but wasn't willing to go along to get along with him just because he said unlike Marie, Horse's heroine.  I respected that immensely.


Overall, a quick read in which I liked the development of these characters and the story's arc. Further enjoyed catching up with the rest of the Reapers MC ladies and set up for future books, specifically Em's book to come next.  Sophie's BFF, Kimber, was a great character who took on a storyline all her own.  I almost wished that Kimber wasn't married so that she could get her own book, but I wouldn't want her with a guy from the MC so it makes sense that she is already taken. Additionally, Kimber added some welcome humor when things got a little too heavy between Sophie, Ruger and the MC.  I do hope Ms. Wylde continues this vein with the Reapers MC heroines in the future.