Loving Cara  - Kristen Proby

The couple, Josh and Cara (aka Carolina) have known each other their whole lives having grown up in the same small town. Things move pretty fast for Josh and Cara in the beginning but I wasn't perturbed because they aren't strangers...instead, they are old friends who are getting reacquainted on another level as adults. Y'all know friends-to-lovers stories are my faves. 


Loving Cara is a classic Kristen Proby book...I mean that in a good way. If you've read her With Me in Seattle series, you'll know what I mean. Her books are full of romance, but also very steamy. She doesn't beat the reader over the head with angst, but there is some believable drama along the way. Many authors make it hard for a couple to get together, rather KP's books are more about the obstacles the couple'll face to stay together after the initial honeymoon phase...family drama, insecurities, etc pop up, get resolved and then we get a sweet, happy ending. 

Loving Cara had very likable MCs and secondary characters with a good set up for next books in the series. If it's anything like the other series I've read by KP we'll see everyone again and again so we'll really grow to love these characters more and more as the series continues.  Nothing too deep or dark here, but well-written and believable. Another enjoyable series which I'll be following along with her With Me in Seattle series.