Any Way You Want It - Maureen Smith

After having read this within days of its release last year, I can't believe I never posted a proper review. Guess that's what re-reads are for, right? ;) Two things guaranteed that I was going to love this book before I even flipped to page 1...1) it's written by the talented Maureen Smith and 2) it's the friends-to-lovers trope that I can never resist. 

Here we have Remy Brand and Zandra Kennedy, both of whom we met in one of my all-time favorite books, Whatever You Like. Zandra has been close to the Brand clan since she was seven years old and Remy saved her from some neighborhood bullies. These two friends have remained close through distance and time, but after Remy's discharge from the Navy SEALs three years ago, there's been an undercurrent of more-than-friends brewing beyond what they shared as children/teens. The reason I always love friends-to-lovers stories is the shared history the hero/ine have on the road to HEA...Remy and Zandra have been falling in love with each other for decades and didn't even realize it. Finally, while away in romantic St. Lucia on a family trip to celebrate his twin brother's nuptials, Remy decides it's time to take their friendship to the next level...and boy oh boy does he do that!!! After reading the love scenes between Zandra and Remy be sure to warn the man in your life to prepare for a long night. If there's no flesh and blood man around make sure you're stocked up on fresh batteries! 



But this book isn't only about the hot sex in not-so-private locales; both Remy and Zandra have some demons to conquer from their pasts before they can move forward. There's a lot of emotion and depth here which makes the HEA is oh so sweet! 

This novel is yet another where Ms. Smith shows us that love is not just between the hero/ine but their family and friends too. It was great to meet more of the Brand family originally introduced to us in Roderick and Lena's story. I'm very intrigued by what is simmering between River and Morgan so I'm looking forward to their book in late 2014.