No Regrets - Sienna Mynx

I read the first two of this trilogy back-to-back a couple of years ago. Daisy's Choice (Book 2) alluded to another book but it was a long time coming. 


I finished the last installment of this trilogy, No Regrets, a couple of weeks ago. was the weakest of all the three books, IMO! Daisy and Pete were still as annoying and childish as they were in Aiden's Game (Book 1). They have both moved on with other partner's on the surface, but neither can let go of the other so the drama continues surrounding Daisy's daughter, Amy's paternity. 


Overall, many of the characterizations were just too caricature-ish for me. So over the top ridiculous.

Also, this felt like drama solely for the sake of a third book. We found out who was Amy's father from book 2 so this could have been cleared up with a few more chapters in book 2 rather than a whole 'nother book of Daisy, Pete, and Aiden fighting and extra drama thrown in the mix just because.  Basically, if the characters aren't going to evolve and progress then why make the story into a trilogy?