Take a Chance - Abbi Glines One More Chance - Abbi Glines

We met Grant in the first book in this series, Fallen Too Far.  He was the sweet, charming and funny stepbrother/best friend of Rush. Grant made an appearance in each book (six in total) prior to Take A Chance where Grant finally gets his own love story. I went from really liking Grant in the other books when he was a supporting character to not liking him very much in his own book. Most of that dislike for Grant stems from his relationship with Rush's sister, Nan, who we also met in Fallen Too Far. Nan and Rush's mother married Grant's father when the three of them were young children. There's no biology between Nan and Grant, yet once their parents divorced, Grant remains close to Rush and even calls Rush his 'brother'. Nan and Rush were very close, so by default Grant has also been a large part of Nan's life. Nan is probably one of the least likable characters ever and Grant's relationship with Nan and his related actions left a really bad taste in my mouth. Then there was the cliffhanger at the end.


I was on the fence as to whether I'd continue with Grant and Harlow's story.  I'm glad I did.  Was it my fave?  Not quite, but better than it's predecessor.  For the first third of One More Chance Grant is begging and pleading for Harlow to take him back and trying to make amends for his behavior.  Even once Harlow takes Grant back, there's something very serious overshadowing the rest of the book that changes the tone of the story from the sexy, fun-loving story to a book that is very emotional and will break your heart at times. 


Abbi Glines is one of the few new adult authors I read, specifically her Rosemary Beach series is one that I've followed for a couple of years now. To be honest, I'm fatigued with this series because there are multiple books for each couple with unnecessary (IMO) cliffhangers in between.  That being said, I've stuck with it because I have a perverse sense of FOMO. Abbi Glines has been good at creating a series that as allowed me to become invested in these characters' lives and what happens next for them.