Wicked Game - Mercy Celeste

It's no secret that I just cant stop falling in love with a H/h with some history vs. the meet, insta-love and HEA we see a lot in this genre. If my "childhood nemesis" - who now happens to be a sculpted God in a football jersey- offered me a 6-figure salary to be his Girl Friday, I'd hop to it without a fight! But not Cass...or Pepper as Jaime likes to call her! 


The dialogue between these two is adversarial yet hilarious. As the hero's mom states, more like foreplay than anything else, it's the best part of this story, IMHO. 

Hot sex scenes can only take a book so far - and this book does deliver there too, but the dialogue is what makes the story (for me). You know under the bickering there are two people who really care for one another while trying to cover up their love for each other!


The stalker subplot was a little melodramatic towards the end but still made sense for the development of the characters' story. When these two characters stop fighting, they were very cute and the romance was so sweet!