Hello All,


I'm a 30-something freelance marketing consultant. I work from home mostly, so I read and watch TV (sometimes simultaneously) when I'm not busy with working. I also bake a lot, much to my husband's delight. There is no meal without dessert around these parts.  


I read a little of everything from literary fiction to biographies, but my go-to genre is contemporary romance. The bulk of my reviews/posts will be about CR here.  Run and run fast, if that's not your cuppa.  The world can be a mean, hard place sometimes, so I love to read about happily ever afters where I can escape the real world for a little while. I'm not too much into historical romance or paranormal or dystopian stuff, but if a book comes highly recommended from a good source, I'll give it a go. I strongly believe in never saying never!  

For more about me, read 10 Random Things About Me.


Looking forward to chatting with everyone.