Happiness in Jersey - Jacinta Howard

I feel like providing a "review" to NetGalley was a waste of time for this particular title, but I'll say my piece anyway. Without any notation of this fact, I only got a "sample" of the book (6 chapters), not the whole book.


I could have gotten a sample at any retailer to tease me into buying the book...I didn't know NetGalley did the bait and switch like that. I try my best to provide a review for the books I get from Netgalley, but reviewing a sample of the book is pointless, IMO. It definitely doesn't endear me to read this author again.

What I did read, I actually enjoyed.  New Adult is not a genre I seek out frequently, but what I liked about this story is that it's about characters that we don't usually read about -- at least not that I've seen.  I was definitely intrigued and wanted to keep reading Jersey and Zay's story.  

I'll have to buy it to finish and get the whole story to actually review it properly. Maybe one day I'll buy the full book to finish it. Maybe not...I just don't like being duped!