Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction Book 2) - J. Daniels

I'm always a wee bit hesitant to read a sequel of a book that I liked...weird, I know.  I'm just afraid that the sequel will mean unnecessary drama for a couple that was left happy at the end of the preceding book. I'd rather keep the MCs happy in my mind, than read the next book and risk that wonderful, "awww" feeling I have. 


Sweet Possession starts 6 months after Sweet Addiction ends...Dylan and Reese are engaged and it's 10 days before their wedding.  They've grown...especially Dylan.  She has no more reservations that Reese is THE man for her.  She's looking forward to being Reese's wife and they still can't keep their hands or other body parts off one another.


That doesn't mean there's not some drama to make things interesting though.  Dylan's mom and MIL are bickering about unimportant wedding details and Reese is hiding something. What I liked is that none of it is enough to destroy the bond that Reese and Dylan have, which means Sweet Possession was full of win for me as a sequel. 


We get more laughter and updates from Dylan's BFFs, Juls and Joey and Juls' sister, Brooke to keep things light too. 


One thing I didn't like is that Joey, is soooo effeminate. He even calls himself "one of the girls". Personally, I dislike when gay men in m/f romance are portrayed as a monolithic stereotype. It's as if the author makes him that way so there's no threat to the main hero because his heroine has a male friend. Just a pet peeve of mine, not necessarily a slam to the book itself.  Joey as a character is mostly hilarious, but his antics started to drift too far into the melodramatic for me at times.