I read 155 books in 2014, which was 50+ books beyond my goal.


For the last days since 2015 began, I’ve been thinking on what I wanted this year’s reading goal to be.  Usually I just take an average of the last 2 years’ numbers and go with that. 



So I thought, “keep the number low” because I already know life and work will be busier than last year, at least for the first few months. Well, where’s the challenge in that??


Do I need to set a specific number goal at all? Maybe I should concentrate on challenging myself to seek out different types/genres of books this year instead of just reading a bunch of the same old (which comprised at least 90% of my 2014 reading).


Finally, I decided on both those goals for 2015.  I’m going to set my goal at 150 books, but the real challenge will be to push the limits of my comfort zone this year, e.g., 


  • Read more new authors
  • Read more books in genres I typically steer myself away from
  • Focus less on the number of pages and how fast I can read a particular book, but more on the quality of the content and overall writing/execution.
  • Write a review - no matter how short - for every book I read instead of only writing reviews for those books I either love or hate, leaving those in the middle of the fray without a review.