Twisted Perfection  - Abbi Glines

I'm relatively new to Abbi Glines having just started with Fallen Too Far earlier this year and following the characters we've met along the way of reading Rush and Blaire's love story. I wouldn't call myself a full-fledged, card-carrying fangirl, but I have been enjoying the dramas of this country-club set of characters and their love interests. One thing I haven't liked is that every book has a cliffhanger of some sort. To be fair, the cliffhanger here is minor in comparison to that of Fallen Too Far, but Della and Woods' story still isn't complete. 

For the record, I enjoyed this hot, sexy read...loved Woods and Della together and as individuals, but for the love of God, just write one long book for a couple and not a serial or trilogy for each couple. I just hate waiting to read what happens next for them. I'll pay more for a longer complete book vs. reading an incomplete story and waiting months for its sequel. Abbi Glines isn't the only author doing this nowadays but I'm mentioning it here because it's a common thread in ALL five of her books I've read thus far.