Axel (Corps Security) - Harper Sloan

I know I'll get voted off the proverbial island for this, but my high hopes for this book were sadly dashed. The second chance love story aspect was right up my alley, but we don't even get to the crux of that until 60% in...up until that point the hero/ine aren't even speaking much to one another. The heroine, Izzy, has been through a lot over the last 12 years - loss, death, abuse, so I wanted to give her a break but she was such a whiny, brat and all her friends just enable this behavior which I just found increasingly annoying along with the fact that she could tell everyone else why she wouldn't just sit down and talk with Axel, except Axel himself.

Then one day Izzy and Axel have a heated moment, they finally clear the air and all is right with the world...almost! There's an incident (a bump in the road to HEA, if you will) and then they live happily ever after. The turning point in the story at the ~60% mark was a bit abrupt for me, but saved me from throwing this to the DNF pile.


I did enjoy 'meeting" the other Corps Security guys and can't wait to read their stories, especially Greg, and Beck.