Edge of Disaster - A.M. Hargrove

I liked it, but I expected it to be darker based on the blurb. The heroine, Lexi was a mess, lol - of her own making, but overall Edge of Disaster was uber-sweet with some drama thrown in to keep things interesting. The hero, Pearce, was a little too good to be true and at times the dialogue was a bit unrealistic and corny. Men don't really say things like "I'm going to make fierce passionate love to you for hours on end." Do they?!? Also, I felt like the author could have been way more original with the subplot between Justin and Terri.

C'mon, the likelihood that Justin would deal with his issues after the accident the exact same way - drinking and kinky smexing- as Lexi is low, but then he gets caught by Lexi and she makes him go to the same shrink she's seeing...just too much!

(show spoiler)