Love Redone - Peyton Reeser

I put this in my DNF file, although technically I did finish this book. I started skimming at around 20% all the way to the end just to see how the hero/ine got to their HEA. I skipped over so much of the book that I'm sure I missed some important points along the main characters' story arc. All in all I probably read 1/2 of the book. 

The writing was long-winded and overly descriptive where I didn't feel it was necessary. There wasn't enough dialogue between the hero/ine, IMO; instead we're told 85% of the story through their inner thoughts/musings. What dialogue there was between them I felt like I was reading a 1980s bodice ripper at times; way too much purple prose for a contemporary novel. Overall, I wouldnt say that the writing was horrible and the premise was great, but it just wasn't the type of writing I enjoy.