One Night Rodeo - Lorelei James

This was my favorite in the series thus far. We first met Kyle in Corralled; Celia is Kyle's best friend and rodeo partner, Hank Lawson's baby sis, so the two have known each other for some time.  Throughout this series they have been adversaries but lately Kyle has been flirting with Celia and acting less like the annoying family friend she's used to. One night in Vegas changes everything when the two get married on a drunken whim. Kyle has to head home to run the ranch he's inherited from the dad he never knew and Celia is in need of a break from the rodeo circuit, so they decide to stay together and try to make this marriage work.

Eventually Kyle and Celia stop snapping at one another in ONR and give in to their feelings...and WOW!! What I liked about this one is that it's not only about the love story but both the hero/ine are working through their family issues in addition to learning how to work/live with each other along the way. It's a poignant and emotional story between these two. I look forward to more from this series In the future.