Lexi, baby - Lynda LeeAnne

I had never heard of this author or this book when a group chose it for a buddy read. Always in the mood to try a new author, I jumped right on the bandwagon to read this one. Unfortunately, I started pretty late at night thinking I'd get in a few chapters before going to sleep. Next thing I know it's the wee hours and I was more than 1/2 way thru it, so I kept going. Lexi, Baby is a very quick read but a roller coaster, soap opera of a story all the same! I mean that in the best way; I really did enjoy it right from the first chapter.These characters are pretty young...only 17-18 years old when the story begins. I think if you're beyond that point in life, it's good to keep that in mind as reading. Young people are by definition immature. They make mistakes and they do things that don't quite make sense to older adults. I think the author wrote the characters' actions/storyline to be age-appropriate in that regard. 

Landyn was a wonderful piece of hot alpha man flesh! He made some mistakes but was totally redeemable. Lexi wasn't my favorite in some ways. But she and Landyn were good together once the drama settled down around them. Rounding out the story were great secondary characters, Adam and Trish. I'll definitely put this series on my must-read list in the future!