Picture Perfect - Alessandra Thomas

I've said before that books with the insecure heroine with body image issues who gets over them because of a man is not my cuppa. It's a trope that has been overdone in this genre, IMO. That being said I gave this book a chance and really enjoyed it. It's a journey of self-acceptance about Cat, who before a horseback riding accident was a size 2 fashion model and is now 60 pounds heavier. No amount of her sorority sisters telling her that although she's no longer her thin-self, she's still a hot babe is helping matters. Cat is not feeling her more voluptuous form. Being a tall, thin fashion model is not just WHAT Cat was, it's WHO she was. Cat doesn't know how to love herself now that she's no longer that girl she was before her accident.


Cat goes to a therapist to try to get herself out of her funk and the good doctor prescribes nude modeling for an art class. Enter Nathan West...


Nathan is a dream boyfriend for every girl, but especially someone like Cat.


Not only is Nate tall, muscular and sweet, he loves Cat's curves right from the start. With Nathan, Cat feels like the hot babe, everyone has been telling her she is. Who wouldn't love him when he says things like this:


“This is what a woman looks like. This is what made the masters so hungry to paint. They all knew better than the dumbass fashion magazines, Cat. Trust me. It’s amazing how so many curves can all come together into something so absolutely visually perfect.”


Of course, there are some moments when I...

because there was a lot of whining from Cat throughout. But the story was very well-written and as I'm sure most would agree; I could relate to the story. Cat and Nate were both likable and beautifully imperfect characters. Also, Cat's BFF, Joey deserves an honorable mention here; I fell in love with her in this book almost as much as I did with the leads. Joey is Cat's main cheerleader, but she's also an honest voice of reason. I can't wait to read her book. My fave line from Joey:

“You were skinny as a twig before, and you’re not anymore. That’s the only reason none of your clothes fit. Everyone knows what happened, and nobody cares. But they’re gonna get kind of annoyed with the whining and the moping if you don’t start feeling comfortable in your own skin”