Mid Life Love - Whitney G.

I really really liked the story and characters. From the first paragraph I knew I would love Claire. I've worked in marketing/advertising for 10+ years and every time she spoke about the brainless twits aka junior ad execs who worked for her I just LOL. But Claire also tap danced on my very last nerve!  There's no doubt Claire's issues/insecurities were understandable after dealing with some major pain in her past? Any 40 year old would be a bit cautious getting into a relationship with someone more than a decade younger. But Claire takes all that to a new level! I was drained by the 50% mark! 


Although I spent a lot of time eye rolling and deeply sighing at Claire because I just wanted her to let go and allow herself to be with Jonathan without reservations, I loved that Ms. Williams made me feel so strongly invested in this couple working through their issues. 

Now Jonathan...there's not anything bad I can say about him. He is almost too good to be true, jumping over and through every hurdle Claire puts in his way. Not to mention he is rich, handsome, young, and a sex god.  


There's a hefty amount of romance, witty banter, emotion, hot smexing in unexpected places, and humor in this story to balance Claire's frustrating road blocks though. Loved the supporting characters, esp Claire's twin daughters and her friend Helen. Hoping we get books in the future with Jonathan's sister, Hayley and foster brother, Corey.