Restoring Jordan - Elizabeth Finn
  Do you want to fuck me?
DAYUUUUUM!  That's a helluva start to a book...the fact that the hero/ine go on to have anonymous sex is not surprising, but the emotional story that follows was surprising. At first, our hero Jordan is a bit of a prick, but he quickly redeems himself and becomes quite lovable. 
Jordan describing his discomfort while buying feminine hygiene products for Adeline is beyond cute and hilarious!! 
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Adeline is very likable as well...young and innocent and at times naive and insecure, but overall a strong, feisty heroine who makes you root for her even though she and Jordan are being so very bad in public places.
getting busy at their office, offsite job site, in the rain on the hood of the car. 
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Restoring Jordan was categorized as a YA/NA novel on Goodreads because the heroine is only 22 years old, I presume, but this is an adult erotic contemporary if I've ever read one. In addition to other scenes, what happens with a pestle in Adeline's kitchen is NOT for younger audiences. 

After only reading 1 other book by Elizabeth Finn thus far, she is now on my auto-buy/read list.