Brother's Keeper - Elizabeth Finn

When the story starts, I had some reservations about whether I'd like this book because of the 7 year age difference between the hero/ine. Not only does nothing physical happen between Logan and Rowan until Rowan is of legal age, there is a believable progression to their relationship over time. Therefore, the age difference quickly becomes the least of my worries and fell into the background for me. The only issue that took this down from a 5 star read was how there doesn't seem to be a lead-in to Logan's attraction for Rowan. He goes from a caring surrogate 'big brother' to having very dirty fantasies about Rowan seemingly instantly once he takes her in to avoid her father's abuse. Also minor, I would have liked more dialogue rather than being told the story through Rowan and Logan's musings. 

Rowan and her sarcastic, wry wit yet vulnerable self was very likable and written realistically for her age. And Logan is one creatively passionate hero! 

Overall, a fantasticly sweet and surprisingly erotic read!! OK, that's enough, rather than rehashing the story, I'll just say, READ THIS BOOK!