Georgia Bottoms: A Novel - Mark Childress

I had high hopes for Georgia Bottoms, but the book overall fell a bit flat for me. There was was a lot for Mark Childress to delve deeper into--such heavy themes as racism, abandonment, prostitution, and religion, but to my disappointment he chose not to go further than a cursory mention on these topics. Of course, this would have been a very different book had some of these topics been delved into further, so I understand why it was left to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions. 


What I did like is that the lead Georgia is a strong character; a real spitfire. Although what she is doing is wrong, she is doing what she feels is the best way to support herself, her mother, and her brother. I thought parts were very funny, especially when she is spending time with her suitors. I felt like I really got to know what drove Georgia. The supporting cast could have been more fully developed but rounded out the story well. Overall a quick, light read that was liked, though regrettably not loved, by myself and my book club.