Edible (Exquisite Series) - Ella Frank

I started this this series because I kept seeing reviews and comments about Edible everywhere I went on social media. And not a bad thing was being said, so I had to find out what all the buzz was about for myself. 


My chronic OCD tendencies wouldn't let me just start with book 3 in a series so I started with book 1, Exquisite, which I liked but had some major issues with the heroine. Then I read book 2, Entice (where Cole is introduced to us), and wasn't happy with it at all. By that point, I was a bit nervous that Edible wasn't going to live up to all the fan-girling squeeeee I'd seen online. I put it off for a few weeks until I'd read some other books to cleanse my palate, so to speak. 


Alas, I decided to just read the damn book and OH EM GEE!!!  I should have started with this one...I could have started with this one and been A-OK. There's a little back story on Rachel that I benefitted from having read the other 2 in the series but it wasn't so critical that had I not read the other books I'd miss a whole lot. 


Cole is a buttoned-up lawyer and Rachel is a free-spirited pastry chef.  Rachel and Cole are seemingly complete opposites, but end up being exactly what each other needs.


Rachel has some issues from her past which cause her to have serious (and understandable) reservations with getting involved with Cole. Rachel doesn't do dominant, alpha men anymore but she can't resist Cole's charms. Also, Cole has some delightful surprises underneath his buttoned-up, cool, controlled exterior, literally and figuratively, that will make any mere mortal swoon.


Edible is THE BEST in the Exquisite series!!!! I loved everything about this book from the very first page to the last word. READ IT and you will develop a whole new appreciation for caramel.