Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One) - Nina Lane

Loved it. My only complaint would be the ending...I'm one who prefers that a couple's story be resolved in one book. The amount of ongoing series following one couple is becoming endless and it's started to wear me out, honestly. But I digress...

Of note is that the blurb gives the impression that 1) Arouse is a BDSM novel 2) Dean and Liv have a more traditional teacher-student relationship (prior to their marriage). As I got more and more into the book, I realized neither is true of Dean and Olivia's love story. 


Arouse follows a married couple, Dean and Olivia, through a rough patch in their relationship; it was different from the norm in this genre, but there are ample flashbacks to Dean and Olivia's backstory/ courtship so the reader understands their present relationship and who they are better. Both Dean and Olivia are both quite likable but flawed characters and the chemistry between them is palpable and just leaps from the page. Excited to see how Dean and Olivia find their HEA 2.0.