Mystery Man  - Kristen Ashley

This was my first Kristen Ashley read!


Reviews of Mystery Man were popping up in my Goodreads newsfeed for a while but I couldn't get past the whole premise of how Gwen and Hawk got together so I put it off. No matter how much I enjoyed this book, I have to point out the craziness of Gwen sleeping with a nameless man she met in a bar who creeps into her bedroom at night for 18 months to have sex!

And they don't use any kind of protection for most of that time.

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*blank stare* In what alternate universe is this OK?!?! 


Hawk admits that Gwen wasnt even the only woman in his life before they became an "us". Hawk is a big bad commando, so he knows all about Gwen; thus, knows she's not sleeping around, but she knows ZILCH about Hawk. Then there's how Gwen acts when she's around Tack or Mitch. One minute she's totally in love with Hawk and the next she's letting one of them kiss/touch her.

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I was constantly annoyed that Gwen acted more like a starry-eyed 20-something, who craved male attention in any way she could get it, than a 30-something divorcee. 


Overall, I really liked KA's writing. The dialogue was mostly believable; even though the constant use of 'babe" and "baby" did start to irk me. I also LOL'd that Gwen's girlfriends are like the devil and angel on her shoulder when it came to giving her advice on how to deal with Hawk.


Hawk...I can't say much about him because I was too busy swooning! Talk about hot alpha hero!! The last chapter and epilogue made me tear up it was so sweet.