Wild Man  - Kristen Ashley

Oh My Goodness...I LOVED this book. Couldn't put it down until I finished. It was very different from book 1, Mystery Man, and Brock is very very different hero than Hawk, but still alpha and hot as the sun in his own special way.


Wild Man concentrated much more on the romance than the roller coaster ride that was MM, with ish getting blown up and people getting shot at constantly. I fell in love with Tess. I have a tendency to not invest a lot of energy liking romance heroines, but I truly wanted to be Tess' friend. And like everyone else I definitely wanted to eat her cakes and cookies. :-) I didn't love the girlfriend posse in the beginning, butting in where they didn't belong, so I loved how both Tessa and Brock dealt with it and made their way to HEA even with all the outside drama. Whereas I had to suspend belief at points in MM, this one was very believable. It was great that Brock and Tess are both 40-somethings, since that's not something we see a lot in this genre full of 20-something innocents. Don't get me wrong that has its place on my bookshelf too, but I like reading something more intense with older characters that I can sink into and root for the MCs.


Having only read MM and WM by Kristen Ashley, I already know I'm going to be a devoted fan girl reading all her backlist and anticipating every new release I can get my hands on. :-)