Lush - Lauren Dane

For the record, I really enjoyed this book overall thus my 4-star rating. Also, I love Lauren Dane's heroines...strong, independent and they own their sexuality unlike many heroines in the contemporary romance genre.

That being said, I was Team Mary all the way until the last few chapters from the end of the book.

When Mary gets the pictures from that a-hole photog of Damien with his ex, the "panty model", she turned into a blithering idiot, IMO! The Mary we met -- who stood up to her friends and brother about being with Damien regardless of his past and even put his mama in her place. Mary fed right into all the opinons and just ran away. WTF?! The heroine who we met during the rest of the book would have confronted him...made him explain himself, not run back home and block him from her phone and email without knowing the whole story - even if it did look bad.

(show spoiler)

It just brought her character down a few notches for me and felt inconsistent with the character. Otherwise this would have been a 5 star read for me.