Law Man  - Kristen Ashley

This was my third KA book and the characters in this series just keep getting better and better.


Here we have Mitch and Mara who I just fell in love with over and over again. Let's start with first I found her rating system just plain funny, then I was kinda annoyed by it because I do not like when heroines have low self-esteem and don't believe they are worthy of their hero. But here KA made it work and see how Mara's back story made her the way she is; thus, I grew to love Mara despite her low self-image. She was a lot of work for Mitch so it was great when she took her "head outta her ass" and let herself love him and believe he loved her. 

Mitch...sigh...he's a bit of a man whore pre-Mara, but we can't hold that against a hot sexy cop, now can we? Once Mitch sets his sights on Mara...oooh boy! Not only does Mitch have the biggest heart on earth, he was relentless when he found 'the one'! Mitch quickly became my fave hero of the Dream Man series. Adding the kids to this heart-wrenching and so touching.


The epilogue...KA does THE best epilogues I've read thus far.