Motorcycle Man  - Kristen Ashley

We've met Tack in the other Dream Man books; he's is a hot alpha biker who has spent a long time seeking redemption for his past wrongs. Tack was a bit too pushy for my taste, though he did have a soft, sweet side that made me a wee bit misty. Tyra was his perfect match....feisty and tough (even tho she didn't know it yet) but soft too.The banter between these two is hilarious!! Tyra's lived a life that is issue-free and safe, thus she needed Tack to add some color to her world.


Tack's kids were a great addition to that colorful world. I really felt deeply for Tabby and Rush.

No kid deserves a mom like Naomi. :-(

(show spoiler)

I too loved catching up on other Dream Man heroes and heroines and their broods.


I can't wait for the Chaos series to start. Big bad Tack's baby girl falling for one of his Chaos MC brothers, who is probably too much like Tack himself, promises to be a fun read!