From This Moment On (The Sullivans) - Bella Andre

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Look of Love, so I was eagerly anticipating this one. I would have given this book at least a 4 rating if not for some inconsistencies in the character/story development. The Sullivan boys fall quick and hard as we know from Chase and Chloe's story. But looking at Marcus' background - the quintessential big brother, alpha male, successful businessman, 36 years old who just found his long term girlfriend - whom he's considered marrying, in bed with someone else. Marcus going to a club to find a woman to help him "forget" his troubles doesnt strike me as odd, nor is the 11 year age difference between he and Nicola consequential to me.


What didnt completely jive for me is the part where the man I've just described decided that said woman was 'The One' after a few nights of passion. Maybe it would have been a bit more believable if there was a slower build up to the HEA. Once I let myself just take it on face value (it is fiction after all), I enjoyed the story. There was a slight undertone of D/s kink (a la Game of Love) if that's your thing, but Ms. Andre doesn't do more than hint at it here. This wasn't my fave, but it won't stop me from continuing with the series.