Diagnosis Death  - Richard L. Mabry

There were elements to this story that I liked a lot and others I could have done without. For example, the author brought back Dr. Cathy Sewell and Will Kennedy so we could catch up on them since Code Blue. Nice addition to the story. The author weaved that into the plot seamlessly and I didn't feel like this was Cathy and Will's story instead of Elena's.


What I didn't like was the heavy-handed Christian posturing - particularly surrounding the character, Frank. Also, in each book Dr. Mabry has stuck to a formula of 2 possible suitors for each of the heroines. I noticed it in Code Blue and Medical Error - not a big deal, but in this 3rd novel in the series it became repetitive and overdone. Overall, the plot was believable and the progression of the story was good. Not the best in the series for me as mentioned, but solid writing all the same for a quick read of this genre.