Medical Error: Prescription for Trouble Series #2 - Richard L. Mabry

Quick, easy read that was surprisingly more suspenseful than I thought it would be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it kept me wondering who the identity-stealing culprit was until the very end. I read the first book in the Rx Series, Code Blue some time ago, but I remember that there was a lot more Bible-versing than in this one. In CB, I felt like every scene with Will Kennedy's parents I was being preached to in a not-so-subtle way. [You'll have to read the book to understand]


A hint of that here, but not gratuitous. The dialogue in this vein seemed more realistic, coming up here and there, but not in every chapter. The author writes from a perspective that he knows well as a retired physician which keeps readers engaged. If you want a heavier novel with deep sub-text and/or romance, this isn't the book for you.