Midnight Man  - Lisa Marie Rice

This series has been on my TBR for a long time. I had high hopes based on the blurb...

Sadly, those hopes were dashed. I love a good alpha hero, but John Huntington was just too much for me; a hardened, brash man's man, soldier, warrior with very little social skills and no sense of romance/softness. Everything was his way from the beginning with little regard for who Suzanne was...which was more delicate flower than hard ass chick like the women John was obviously used to dealing with. The sex scenes had barely any romance, which I can be ok with sometimes, but here it just wasn't because the scenes were written with a very clinical air. John was using Suzanne's body for his own pleasure; thus her pleasure was just a by product of his large appendage and his stamina.

I couldn't connect with John and Suzanne's love story. Perhaps that reaction was based on the fact that there's just not much dialogue between any of the characters here, especially lacking between John and Suzanne. Instead it was mostly their individual inner dialogues to describe events and feelings...And John's thoughts were pretty one dimensional, revolving mostly around when he would be throwing Suzanne against the nearest wall and screwing her blind and senseless again! 

The story had lots of potential. There were brief moments of tenderness, but overall Midnight Man seemed to barrel too fast toward HEA. Also, I would have loved an epilogue to wrap up the story.


It's doubtful that I'll continue with the series.