Full Moon  - Mari Carr

I was soooo looking forward to this installment in the Second Chances series after reading Fix You. Sadly, I was very disappointed that it fell flat for me. That papable emotion that was present in the preceding book was not present here for me.


The character development was heavy on the heroine, Josie's side and very light on that of the hero, Jake. We don't learn much about his life, past, etc and honestly he was just a wee bit too damn good. That may sound weird, but sometimes I just need a hero to act like a normal human who gets angry or pushes his heroine to get her shit together! The heroine's issues just kept cropping up one after another.  After half the book, I just wanted her to grow a pair; instead she came off kinda whiny for most of it.


I'll still continue with the series, because I want to see what happens with the rest of the wine girls but this one was a let down.