Feeling Hot - Elle Kennedy

I really enjoyed this one. Feeling Hot is a very sexy read with a lot more depth than the others as it's the first full-length book in the Out of Uniform series. I liked that we really get to know the hero/ine here and see their story build along with the subplots of other characters. After the previous installment of this series, The Heat is On, I debated continuing with the series.  I'm glad I didn't give up on the OOU series. We get to see the older SEALs from Team 15 as well as the integration of Cash, Seth, Jackson, and Dylan who will each get their own full-length book in the future. I'm most intrigued by Dylan because...well how can I not be after his part here! Wowsa!!
What made me really like this book was that in THIO, where the reasons why the hero/ine were avoiding falling in love made absolutely NO sense whatsoever (at least to me), here Jen's hesitance with getting involved with anyone were very real. Not only has Jen not made the best choices in men previously - hello, crazy, stalker ex-boyfriend! Jen has seen first hand via her brother and parents' what long term military service can do to a marriage/family. The addition of Carson and Holly from Heat of Passion allows the reader to not only catch up, but to see very realistically the issues that military families face. Furthermore, I must say that I hated how Jen is treated by her family. How Cash's support helps Jen to stand up for herself and see her own talent and strength is integral to their relationship instead of intense conflict/angst between the hero/ine here.


I must note that the one thing that I don't like about this series is how many of the OOU SEALs have had sex with their "brother's" woman. And they (the SEALs and the women) all talk about it like it's the most normal thing in the world.