Getting Hotter  - Elle Kennedy

I spent a considerable portion of the book loathing Seth and wondering why Miranda would want to bother with a chain-smoking a-hole who didn't want anything to do with her kids. And I especially took offense to him calling them 'imps', 'rug-rats', and 'kidlets' but not their names. Not acceptable, even for a FWB! For that, I didn't like Miranda too much either for a while.


When Seth's issues are finally explained as to why he has an aversion to forging a relationship with kids - not just Miranda's kids, but all kids, I wanted to hold him and make it all better! Actually, this big bad SEAL who is literally scared of two pint-sized kids is almost comical until you find out why. Although it took a while to get there, his reasons were very convincing so I dialed back my hate meter. 

When the kids go missing in the amusement park...I shed real tears for Seth.

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Eventually, I appreciated Seth for the smartass, sewing, cooking/baking, sexy SEAL that he was. A couple of my favorite lines...

A birthday gift for Miranda: 

"Thanks for the cupcake,” [...] God, this is delicious. Which bakery did you get it from?
He looked incredibly insulted.Bakery? I baked this motherf***er myself, Miranda."

I dare you to not love an alpha man who bakes! Dare you.


Sophie's dance recital costume needs fixing:

Miranda, I grew up in a Las Vegas dressing room. I know my way around sewing machines. And a needle and thread—I’ll definitely have to stitch those sequins back on by hand. I’m hanging up the phone now. You’re distracting me, babe.

And he sews too?! Really, how can you not swoon? 

But my favorite character in this book is a country mile, he beats out everyone else - even adorable Sophie and Jason, for that honor. I was intrigued by him when I read Feeling Hot and now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Hotter Than Ever which I'm quite positive will make my iPad explode. 

[with sexy m/m action between him and Aidan and their lady love.]  

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