Winter's Thaw (Compass Girls #1) - Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon

Great kick-off to the Compass Girls series! I liked the premise here. Sienna has a life plan...she's known what she wanted and who she wants it with since her early teens. Now she's 22 years old and ready to execute her life plan with Josh. Unfortunately, Josh wants to live a little before he settles down with Sienna as husband, father, businessman, etc. I wasn't even mad at Josh for wanting to go against Sienna's life plan and take a break to be young and carefree. Who follows the same life plan they mapped out at 15?? Nothing wrong with having a plan, but Sienna needed to loosen up and live a little which is what her family -- especially her cousins had been saying for years.


Having read the Compass Brothers series (fathers to the young ladies in this series), you have to wonder what happened in the last 20+ years that's made Sienna so uptight. Sienna doesn't come from conservative, uptight stock! When Sienna's daddy, Seth Compton, brings home Daniel, things start to change. 

I liked Sienna and Daniel together. They complemented each other. He teaches Sienna to have some fun and enjoy life instead of just planning every moment of it. Not to mention Daniel is young and hot with some of the life experience that Josh is trying to find. With Daniel, it goes without saying that Sienna learns some new things in the bedroom that had been lacking in her and Josh's relationship but she also grows emotionally as a result. This book is full of steam but you're not bowled over with kink which wouldn't have made sense considering where Sienna starts. The ending was perfect;

that Daniel and Sienna are taking things slow in their HEA instead of rushing down the aisle made sense. 

(show spoiler)

I loved the interaction between the 4 Compton cousins that will be featured in this series much like I did with these 4 cousins' fathers in the preceding series. The side story of Vicky Compton's illness will make you tear up a little. I see where this will lead us as the series progresses which is again much like the preceding series with the girls' grandpa, JD Compton. 

Looking forward to Hope's story next.