Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet #2) - Nora Roberts

I much preferred Book #1 of the Quartet, Vision in White to this one. Maybe because this was the second book in the series, the wedding backdrop was a bit too much as the author spent so much time on that aspect instead of developing the story between the lead characters. The hero/ine story is sweet and predictable without much conflict until the last 2 chapters, which almost doesn't make sense. This one takes place only a few months after VIW.


It would have been nice to fast forward a year or so to catch up on Mac and Carter from VIW as a married couple since they are mentioned quite a bit in this book. What saved this book for me is the that the friendship between the four ladies is written very well. The dialogue and emotion between all the friends--including the men, is believable and makes you cherish your close friends if you have them and long for BFFs like this if you dont. The Bride Quartet books are perfectly light summer reads that are good while on vacation or just taking a break from heavier books.