Savor the Moment  - Nora Roberts

The best part of the Bride Quartet series continues to be the friendship between Parker, Mac, Laurel and Emmaline, not the romance. Getting to know the quartet and how they love one another is the primary focus of this book just like the others. The men and romance are secondary, IMO. 

Unlike the first 2 books in the series, I didn't feel as if Laurel's cakes were another character in the book -- unlike the photography in Vision in White or the flowers in Bed of Roses; I preferred this approach. Ms. Roberts spent the time allowing us to get to know the hero/ine in this one. Surprisingly, Ms. Roberts wrote a bit more--ahem...shall we call it 'heat' between Delaney (who I imagined as an uptight stuff-shirt lawyer based on the description/actions in the previous books) and Laurel than just alluding to it as with Mac/Carter and Emma/Jack. Del became, by far, my fave male character in the series, mainly because he seemed so normal and down to earth.


Overall, the story was well-written (no surprise there!) and what little conflict there was between Del and Laurel was well-executed and believable. The ending did seem a bit rushed to me but didn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the story.


On to Happy Ever After to finish out the series!