Stay With Me - Maya Banks

One would think that with two husbands, a woman would never want for attention and love right?? Not so true for Cat! This is an established threesome; they've been together since college and Cat isn't feeling the love anymore from her men.


I was was surprised that Stay With Me was such an emotional read! Ms. Banks makes you feel what each of these three characters is feeling throughout. I felt Cat's pain when her husbands forgot their anniversary dinner; I shouted, "you go girl" when she's fed up and leaves without a word and again when doesn't want to see them when she's in the hospital and I teared up a little when each man tells Cat, "I love you...I'm not letting you go." There is never a doubt that Logan and Rhys love Cat, but they have spent years taking her for granted and she's not been completely open about her unhappiness, so the three have some serious work to do to save their relationship.


Whether you're in a conventional or unconventional relationship anyone can relate to this story! The epilogue is beyond sweet! Oh, and there's some seriously HOT smexin' between these three!