Vittorio's Woman - Kimberley Reeves

Simon and Lily have met (read: stared at each other across a room) very briefly a while back and were very attracted to one another.


In the time since then, Simon has been in an accident that has left him paralyzed, so his sister hires Lily as his physical therapist to help him walk again or at least regain his desire to join the land of the living.


Their first meeting, Simon is a real dickwad yet he and Lily are sharing a kiss within minutes and within the week they are making love but we don't really read much about what got them there over that week; it's just thrown at the reader. There are inner musings from both on how much they love one another and within a few weeks or so Simon has regained feeling in his legs and plans to marry Lily (she doesn't know this yet!). There's some jealousy, some condom sabotage and miscommunication along the way to make things interesting. Then the ending is wrapped up in a beautiful bow at the end.


Just too rushed for me; I couldn't relate or root for the characters. This is the first in the series but this one didn't make me want to move on to the other books in the series as we don't get to meet the other Vittorio brothers to pique any interest in their stories.