Bad Rep - A. Meredith Walters

I wont go so far as to say that I hated this book because the writing was decent. BUT I will say that there wasn't much that I liked about the storyline. Beyond the whole 'Mean Girls' trope, the hero totally turned me off with the fact that he pursued one woman while he was already in a relationship with another. That is NOT romantic! He did sorta redeem himself a wee bit by owning his wrong doing and trying to move on from it without brushing it under the rug.


On the other hand, I can't say the same about the heroine. Maysie annoyed me to no end with her waffling and whining chapter after chapter. Maysie was the Queen of the TSTL tribe!! The story arc became long-winded and repetitive by 75% in and I began to skim page after page to just see how it all ended.


Overall, this is the kind of emo roller coaster in the YA/NA genre that I typically stay away from because I'm too far removed from that point in my life to relate to such a story. I would recommend this to younger readers.