The Ballerina & the Fighter - Ursula Sinclair

I haven't read anything by this author previously, so I didn't know what to expect. I can't say that this book turned me into a fangirl, but it was an OK read. 


What was missing in writing chops, was made up for in an engaging plot. I'm eager to find out what is next for Maze and Ivy and how they'll find their HEA. There were a few issues I had with the writing like the jump in time without clear transitions and the badly executed love triangle.


One thing I didn't expect (or enjoy) was a cliffhanger ending. This is what I get for going against my norm of reading reviews before downloading a book. Honestly had I known about that beforehand I would have added it to my TBR but held off until I could get my  hands on the sequel - for which I've found no information on the author's website or elsewhere on the interwebs as yet regarding its release. *deep sigh*